Clay Pigeons

Released 1998


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Clay Pigeons is a 1998 comedy crime thriller from Polygram Filmed Entertainment and Scott Free Productions. Joaquin Phoenix (Gladiator, Walk the Line, Signs, 8MM) plays Clay Birdwell, a completely normal hick in a completely normal hick town. He and his best friend like to do all the normal things that hicks like to do. They get drunk and fish. They get drunk and drive around in pickup trucks. They get drunk and go a-shootin.' So when Clay's best friend ends up dead, Clay ends up having to hide the body. Clay is having an affair with his best friend's wife who is probably the original shrew which needs taming. She ends up blackmailing Clay. Along comes Vince Vaughn (Swingers, The Lost World Jurassic Park, Old School, Wedding Crashers, The Dilemma) or Lester Long, your average everyday charming sociopathic serial killer who, as a favor to Clay, takes care of the wife problem.moreless
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Comedy, Drama, Suspense


Dark Comedy, Crime