Clerks II

The Weinstein Company Released 2006


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  • As Funny As The First

    Hands down the best reason this movie is so funny is Randall. He is the best character in this movie, saying everything on his mind.

    My favorite part of the movie is when Randal rips apart Lord of the Rings so hard, he made a fanboy literally puke.

    Jay and Silent Bob also make their triumphant return and are still up to their crazy antics.

    Dante is still the straight man of the group but is now engaged and moving to Florida. His fianc, Emma, however does not get him at all and thinks it's cute when he tries to think. Meanwhile, Dante and Randall's manager, Becky is shown to be in love with Dante and likes him for who he is.

    Despite having his twisted sense of humor, deep down, Randall is actually devastated that Dante is leaving and at the end of the movie, tells Dante he's his best friend. The movie ends with and Randall buying Quickstop and RST video as their own bosses with Becky married to Dante.

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