Caroloco / Canal+ Released 1993




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Renny Harlin

Gabe Walker is a world-class mountain climber who makes a living as a rescue worker in the Rocky Mountains. He left the job after losing a close friend; girlfriend to his best friend, Hal. When the team receive a call about a huge rescue operation high up the mountains, Gabe is persuaded back into action.. The call turns out to be fake. Gabe and his team are taken hostage by Eric Qualen and his band of ruthless thieves. Three cases of stolen money worth $100 million are lost in the mountains, and the thieves need to use Gabe's expertise to find the cash. What began as a brave rescue mission quickly turns into a deadly game where one wrong move could lead to a deadly plunge.


Metacritic Score

  • 90

    Variety Todd McCarthy

    But where most rugged he-man films feature a few action sequences scattered throughout, director Renny Harlin keeps the adventure stuff in this reputed $ 65 million production comi...

  • 80

    The New York Times Elvis Mitchell

    All of the performers are upstaged by the film's breathtaking backdrop, and by the fast and furious way Renny Harlin, the director, approaches action sequences.

  • 75

    Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert

    Movies like this are machines for involving us and thrilling us. Cliffhanger is a fairly good machine.

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    • Jessie: Why can't you just believe you did everything you could?
      Gabe: Did I? I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't have gone out on that line. Maybe I panicked. I don't know.
      Jessie: I was there, remember? You were the only one who didn't panic. So why don't you do us a favor and quit hoarding all the guilt. You held on as long as you could. And, what about Hal? Wh-what was he doing on the tower with a girl who could barely climb?

    • Qualen: (the foolproof plan has failed) So this is your idea of a foolproof plan? You stupid b******.

    • Hal: What the hell you doing up here, man?
      Gabe: I was talking to Jessie, she filled me in.
      Hal: Did she? Well now, let me fill you in. As far as I'm concerned you can take your ass down and go back to that hole you've been hiding in.

    • Hal: Why the hell'd you come up here? To prove something?
      Gabe: Look, I know how you feel about me, alright.
      Hal: You don't know anything! You did it your way... and she died.
      Gabe: I did what I thought was right.
      Hal: Well, you were wrong! It was your weight on the line that did it.
      Gabe: There wasn't time for anything else, Hal.
      Hall: Oh, well I guess we'll never know, will we.
      Gabe: Look Hal, it was a bad time for everybody.
      Hal: What the hell do you know about bad times, man? You didn't love her, and you didn't have to explain to her family.
      Gabe: And you didn't have to look in her eyes when she was falling! So drop it!
      Hal: (Hal grabs Gabe and leans him over the edge of the cliff they are on) No, buddy! It was you... who dropped it.

    • Travers: What are your names?
      Hal: Tucker and Walker.
      Travers: Well, Tucker and Walker, we're missing three bags.
      Gabe: What's in them?
      Travers: None of your f****** business!
      Qualen: Suits, socks, one hundred million dollars, the usual stuff.

    • Qualen: I never underestimate the power of loyalty when it comes naturally. Not like the kind that has to be paid for.

    • Qualen: Kill a few people they call you a murderer. Kill a million and your a conqueror.

    • Qualen: I must admit your a real piece of work.
      Gabe: Yeah, and I admit your a real piece of s***.

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