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In Coffy, 1973's blaxploitation classic, Pam Grier plays the titular character, an inner city nurse hell-bent on vengeance after her young sister dies of a heroine overdose. Soon enough, Coffy's bloodlust extends far beyond the lowlifes on the street. Taking care of pimps and pushers just isn't enough to change the way things are in the world. So, posing as a high class prostitute, Coffy uses her sexuality to get close to the gangsters and politicians at the top of the criminal food chain, and then brings them down with her own personal brand of sweet, sassy justice. The film catapulted Pam Grier into the spotlight of American underground cinema, and after following "Coffy" with leading roles in 1974's "Foxy Brown" and 1975's "Friday Foster," Grier is now known as the undisputed queen of 70s blaxploitation cinema. See where it all began with Coffy.moreless
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