Come Drink With Me

Released 1966


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King Hu
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Two prison vans escorted by warden Chang Pu-ching are brought to a halt by a pedestrian notorious prisoners “Blue Tiger” Wu Pao and “Red Tiger” Hou Tsun escape during an ensuing battle. The pedestrian turns out to be “Jade Face Tiger”, of the “Five Tiger Gang”. On being informed that the gang leader has been escorted to the county magistracy by another route, “Jade Face Tiger” captures Chang Pu-ching and sends him to Tsu Yun Temple as hostage. He writes to the magistrate demanding the release of his boss within five days or the warden will be killed and the magistrate’s office burned down. The warden happens to be the son of the magistrate. His sister Chang Hsi-yen, nicknamed “Golden Swallow”, is an accomplished fighter. Disguised as a man, she decides to meet the gang and arrives at a tavern where they lie in wait. She easily routs them “Jade Face Tiger” goes back to the tavern and orders “Golden Swallow” tied up while she is asleep. The plot fails as the “Beggar” has removed “Golden Swallow” from her room. On the advice of the “Beggar”, “Golden Swallow” goes to Tsu Yun Temple “Red Face Tiger” identifies her as the daring Amazon after he is beaten while trying to flirt with her. Again on the advice of the “Beggar”, she enters the temple to continue her investigation. There she is trapped by “Jade Face Tiger” who pricks her left shoulder with a poison needle. She escapes to the woods and faints. Waking up in a thatched hut, she sees the “Beggar” brewing some medicine for her. She suspects him of having laid the trap and in a rage, hurls a piece of firewood at him before fainting again. “Beggar” sucks the poison out of her wound. His selfless act moves the girl deeply. She is tracked down by the gang, but the infuriated “Beggar” kills all of them. “Golden Swallow” admires his feat and begs of him to help her accomplish her mission and he agrees. The “Beggar” delivers the bodies to the Temple, but he is arrested by “Jade Face Tiger”. He manages to escape from the fighmoreless

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