Confessions of a Shopaholic

Released 2009


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Confessions of a Shopaholic is a 2009 comedy film starring Isla Fisher as Rebecca Bloomwood, a young Manhattan-dwelling girl with an addiction to shopping. Her dream is to write for top fashion magazine, Alette, though she is working as a writer for a gardening magazine instead. She finally lands an interview with Alette, but after a bout of binge shopping she arrived to the interview too late and the position has been filled. She is then told about an open position at Successful Saving magazine, but when she realizes their owner witnessed her shopping earlier she knows she will not get the job. That night, Rebecca drunkenly sends letters to both Alette and Successful Savings, but they get mixed up. The owner of Alette loves the letter intended for Successful Savings and hires her. While writing articles about saving money, it is revealed that she is buried in debt herself. She must check in to shopaholics anonymous to get her debt and her actions in check. Rebecca must sell all her clothes in order to pay her debts and must choose between selling a dress she loves and the dress for her best friend's wedding.moreless
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Comedy, Drama


Outrageous Situations, Pop Culture Observations, For Women, Finding Mister Right, Goodie Two Shoes