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Kevin Smith

Cop Out is a 2010 comedy directed by Kevin Smith and starring Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, and Sean William Scott. Jimmy Monroe (Willis) and Paul Hodges (Morgan) are partners in the NYPD. They are suspended indefinitely without pay for causing death and property damage during a large scale shootout. Jimmy is not happy about this because he has to pay for his daughter's (Michelle Trachtenberg) expensive wedding. He does not want his ex-wife's new husband Roy (Jason Lee) to pay for it. To try and get the money, Jimmy sells his rare baseball card. However, the card shop is robbed by Dave (Sean William Scott) and he makes off with Jimmy's card and favorite gun. All the while, Paul is suspecting his wife (Rashida Jones) of cheating on him, so he puts a hidden camera in their bedroom. Jimmy gets Paul's help to track down Dave to get his card and gun back, but when they do they find out he has already sold them to a drug dealer. They find the drug dealer, Poh Boy (Guillermo Diaz) and he says he will give them the card and the gun if they find a stolen car. They find the car and a woman named Gabriela (Ana de la Reguera) in the trunk. She leaves them a flashdrive containing the gang leader's offshore bank account information. Paul and Jimmy are surrounded by the gang, but they kill them all. In the shootout the baseball card is damaged and Jimmy is forced to have Roy pay for the wedding. Paul finds out his wife is not cheating on him and they are reinstated to the force.



Metacritic Score

  • 60

    Los Angeles Times Betsy Sharkey

    There is enough ridiculous fun in the Tracy Morgan- Bruce Willis pairing as two of Brooklyn's "finest" to get many of you past the squirm-inducing stuff.

  • 40


    There's precious little of that tension to be found between co-leads Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, but more than enough between director Kevin Smith and the shoddy script he's ele...

  • 30

    The New York Times A.O. Scott

    It's a phoned-in, gutless piece of hack work that reminds you of other, better films in the same vein.

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