Cow Belles

Released 2006


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Francine McDougall
"Cow Belles", the 63rd DCOM, stars popular singing sensations Aly and AJ as two rich sisters are forced to take over the family dairy business while their father takes a much needed vacation. Running a business proves to be much more difficult than the spoiled teenagers had expected. The need to save the family business overcomes the girls' self-obsession as they try to do something for the good of their family. Soon they will not be thought as "Rich Brats" but as "warm hearted girls."
  • This was one of the worst DCOM I've ever seen

    Nothing personal against Aly & AJ because they're good, but this movie was pretty bad. first the movie was very unoriginal. Lots of movies have the same plot line as this. Spoiled rich girls are forced to work because of some unfortunate incident. They have to sacrifice some things. At the end they see how working hard can be good for you sometimes. They could've at least changed a little. The acting wasn't great. I was kinda surprised since Aly did a good job on Phil of the Future. I just found this movie very boring, I couldn't even watching the whole thing.moreless
  • A great Disney movie meant for Disney. And I loved it.

    The movie is great and I liked it and it taught rich spoiled twin sisters how to learn how to work. The sisters learned how not to be spoiled at the end of the movie they liked working there. The person who actually stole there dads money was there dads friend. One of the sisters learns earlier then the other sister and decided to pay the workers there money that was saved for the party they were gonna throw with there rich friends. This movie is considered as a charater development movie that teaches rich spoiled sisters how to work and not be spoiled a great movie.moreless
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    this show is a great show 4 kidz and its awesome!

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    df gbk j h h kjgkjgkfdjgkjdfkfjsdkafjksljhjhi gjkvjkgrjerjgidjvkdjgkrejtgkfdjbidfjhkerj jyiwejyie bt jerkgjk bj kj k jj j i j kf bm fg jfd jkjkhgjsdk jijgiergj gjrkdjtir hjkhji jghk= i ove this movie!moreless
  • This movie was alright.

    I seen better DCOM's. It was about 2 sisters who been spoiled their whole lives and when a friend of their father back stabs them they have to work at his company. The old sister is not as self center as the other one and uses her sister money for a party that she was going to have, for people who were going to quit if they didn't get there money they deserve. She even selled her car just so his company wouldn't go underwater. I think it was a pretty good movie but not the best. I like the song that lady sang it was really pretty.moreless
  • I love this movie!!

    Yep. I love this movie. Its ure typical riches to rags movie but much better!! Its a fun, bubbly, important, great movie which teached you a lesson. I think the Moral is you dont have to be rich and mean to have everything you want! I think Aly & AJ were great in this movie and showed some really good acting! It is more of a girly movie and a bit too girly for boys to like but who knows? Some boys could like it? I soo think they should have made a sequel but the girls didnt do it because they wanted to focus on there music. But I am glad they did because there music is good and really improved!!

    I give this movie 2 thumbs up!! :)moreless

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