Cowboys & Aliens

Universal / DreamWorks SKG / Reliance Entertainment Released 2011




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The trailer for the Cowboys & Aliens Graphic Novel written by Fred Van Lente & Andrew Foley. Growing up on his father-s farm, Zeke Jackson never developed a love for agriculture, and instead followed his wanderlust to the western trail. Recruited by the Union Army at the tail end of the Civil War to scout the Indian border, Zeke's fearlessness and cool under fire quickly propelled him up the ranks. Mustering out of the military, Zeke briefly served as a U.S. Marshal, enforcing the law on the fringes of the frontier. Eventually Zeke turned in his badge to become a wagon master for hire. He found new purpose in helping those seeking new lives in the West traverse the mountains and prairies to their final destinations, doing his bit to promote Manifest Destiny. Years of fighting and hardship with Native Americans have not hardened Zeke-s feelings into prejudice, but he's learned to be cautious, particularly in Apache territory. His experience makes him the man to follow when venturing into hostile territory. Freedom and endless challenges are Zeke-s life-s blood. A daring and somewhat reckless cowboy and trail master, Zeke is handsome, with a perpetual five o-clock shadow and a dangerous, daredevil gleam in his eye. Skills/Powers/Equipment: Zeke is a talented rider and a decent shot with a six-gun, but his most powerful weapon is his ability to remain calm and level headed when under pressure.moreless
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