Cowboys and Angels

Released 2000


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Cowboys and Angels is a 2000 romantic comedy, written and directed by Gregory C. Hanes. Danny (Adam Trese) is a thirty-something year old lawyer who, after having his fiancé leave him the night before their wedding, reconsiders his childhood dreams of being a cowboy. When he takes a break from the cutthroat lifestyle of a money-minded lawyer to follow his dreams, he finds that love might still be in the equation. The only problem is that not one, but two, girls seem to fit the bill. On one hand, there is the bubbly, cheerful Jo Jo (Radha Mitchell), who can light up his day but just showing up. On the other hand, there is also the more traditional Candice (Mia Kirshner), with whom Danny feels a deep connection. The choice is hard, but it must be made. Follow Danny on a mid-life journey of self-discovery in the touching and romantic film, Cowboys and Angels.moreless
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Romantic Comedy