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Mark Neveldine , Brian Taylor

Crank is a 2006 high-octane action film directed by Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine. The film is centered on highly trained American assassin Chev Chelios (Jason Statham). Chelios' most recent jobs have consisted of performing hits for an organized crime syndicate in California. However, the partnership comes to a screeching halt when Chelios wakes up after being poisoned by local criminal Ricky Verona (Jose Pablo Cantillo). Chelios quickly discovers that the poison used by his betrayers is known as the Beijing Cocktail. His physician, Doc Miles, informs him that the only way he can stay alive is by providing his heart with a steady supply of adrenaline. Chelios immediately sets off on an action-packed adventure to acquire adrenaline that will keep him alive so that he can save his girlfriend Eve (Amy Smart), get revenge on Verona and the rest of his old employers, and to hopefully find a permanent cure for the insidious Beijing Cocktail.


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Metacritic Score

  • 70

    Los Angeles Times

    Neveldine and Taylor empty their handbasket of cinematic tricks. They display visual wit, have fun with pop songs, and shoot much of the film in slightly choppy fast-motion ("under...

  • 60

    Variety Justin Chang

    Videogamers who've been itching for "Grand Theft Auto: The Movie" can tide themselves over in the meantime with Crank, a down-and-dirty actioner that follows a rugged antihero tryi...

  • 30

    The New York Times

    For a movie premised on unrelenting action, Crank proves fatally turgid.

  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    Chev Chelios is arguably Jason Statham's best known character and Crank is arguably his best known film, but it is far from his best film. Chev Chelios (Statham) is a gun for hire, who will work for anyone who can pay him. One day he wakes up in a daze and finds a video in which a former employer tells him, that he poisoned him with a rare adrenaline inhibitor, which will kill him in a few hours. Chelios goes out seeking revenge, but must keep his adrenaline pumping, in order to slow the poison down. It's a strange story, but as usual, Statham is terrific, playing his most extreme character. Chelios is a crazy man who goes to extremes, however that's all this film has to offer. Non-stop action can sometimes be fun, but when it's the same thing repeating over and over again for 90 minutes, even the biggest action fan gets tired of it. Statham is paired with Amy Smart who starred in my favorite movie of all-time, The Butterfly Effect, and surprisingly she was terrible! She plays Chelios's girlfriend, a girl who is as dumb as dirt and who follows this crazy man blindly through the city on his hunt for revenge. Crank has some humor and a terrific leading man, but unfortunately, there isn't much of story. Besides Statham's well known one-liners and his ridiculous moves, there is really nothing to see here. Crank is one of those films that starts out strong and then just never goes anywhere. Having seen a lot of Statham's movies lately, I was hoping his best known film would be his most exciting, but it wasn't. It's the same scene repeated many times over, and I was tired of it after a half hour.moreless
  • Some parts of the film worked better than others.

    I am of two minds about this film. Kind of a Quentin Tarantino style film-very funny in places but kind of the devils advocate in other places. Once years ago someone parked their car in front of where I live and the occupants-a male & a female, both around 18-proceeded to have sex in their car-it was late but you could still clearly see what they were doing. I find it gross-and aggressive behavior-but in Crank seeing a couple get it on in full daylight is somehow just funny. Film is s a strange animal-it has the power to make the ridiculous appear 'palatable'. People who do things like that are generally just warming up for a grand finale of nothing very nice and or good. Go to films like this and have a laugh-but as soon as the type of things that appear in this film start migrating into real life people will generally become very uncomfortable about it. Kind of opportunistic filmmaking-in that they are using it as an opportunity to exploit the worst of whats in the world for a cheap thats all the world is really good for sometimes. Jason Statham is well known for his Transporter films which are a great improvement over his earlier efforts like a truly abysmal film he did once called 'London' which uses the f-bomb about 762 times in it turning it into the cinematic equivalent of eating sandpaper. I prefer his Transporter films over the Crank movies, but thats just me. The Crank sequel is not watchable, to me. More of the same sex in the street kinda stuff-really not funny the second time around even if it takes place on a racetrack in front of 10,000 people. Part on Wayne-Yeh and party on Garth.moreless
  • Cool idea

    Not bad.

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