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Jason Bourque
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Rita Sanders, a bored and lonely housewife, finds herself disappointed when her husband Daniel neglects to be present in the celebration of their daughter Frances' graduation from college. Daniel, in the meantime, is collaborating with a private investigator to solve the mystery of how his realty firm's clientele list is being hacked into. He returns home to an angry wife and daughter. That night, the computer system of Sanders Real Estate is hacked into. In the morning, the family loads up their car and heads to a cabin for a weekend visit with Daniel's old friend Nick. When they arrive, they find that Frances' boyfriend Matt has arrived first. Daniel asks Matt, a known computer whiz, to help him gain internet access. A man named Paul Tanaka schemes with a man known as Mr. Takamatsu to drive down the stock on Sanders Real Estate. It is revealed that the computers are being hacked from a location in Japan. Rita and Daniel drive out in the countryside to go birdwatching. The mood between them is decidedly cold. Daniel answers a call from Frank in regards to his business even though he promised his family he would neglect his business in favor of them that weekend. She throws his phone out the window. Minutes later, he discovers that his brakes have been cut and their Jeep crashes in the forest. When Daniel regains consciousness, Rita pops his knee back into place. The couple uses the camping materials they brought with them to fashion a makeshift survival shelter. Back at the cabin, Frances reveals to Nick that Matt hinted that he wanted to marry her. Daniel and Rita come up with a plan to venture back to the main highway. Rita gets bitten by a snake. They wake up the next morning to find that a bear was near their campsite. Nick and Frances eventually realize that something has gone wrong with Daniel and Rita and send a search and rescue crew after them. As Daniel and Rita venture on, they discuss the flaws in their marriage. Nick confronts Matt about finding cutmoreless


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Drama, Horror