Curse of Alcatraz

Released 2007


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Daniel Zirilli
Curse of Alcatraz is a suspense-horror movie written and directed by Daniel Zirilli. Called to the prison when a walled off cell is opened, San Francisco police inspector, Lana Campbell (Sara Jane Nash) contacts an anthropology professor, Dr. Michael Hauser (Joe Jones) because a mummified former prisoner was found inside. Her determination that the body was a historical and not a homicidal find sets up a situation where the discovery is treated as an archeological matter. Dr. Hauser and a group of students come to the island to investigate the mummy and its location, and eventually become prey to some very homicidal tendencies after Park Ranger Vince (William Van Norman) cuts himself on a nail of the petrified prisoner. The curse, so named by Native American anthropology student Alissa (Jessie Camacho) apparently involves a long forgotten psychosis causing infection of Native American prisoners. Long forgotten, however, does not necessarily mean long gone.


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  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    What a great idea for a movie, a supernatural horror flick, that was actually filmed at Alcatraz prison. There were a dozen ways to make this film work, even on a shoestring budget, unfortunately they didn't use any of them. The story begins with a construction crew doing renovations on the old prison, which is now a national park. The team uncovers a sealed off room and when they begin digging, they find human remains. Did the body belong to a guard or a prisoner? No, they belong to Native American, who would have died long before the prison opened, but was somehow found inside this room. After a long period of non-sense, it is discovered that the body is cursed, and causes anyone who comes in contact with it, to go on a killing spree. This could have been a great mystery about some crime at the prison that was never known or solved. Maybe it could have been a good ghost story, but no, it had to be some weird possession story, that made no sense what-so-ever. The story starts out interesting, but quickly becomes a complete joke. The writing is horrendous and performed by a less than adequate cast. The only name of recognition was Jose Solano, a soap actor, who was on Baywatch the last couple of seasons. For some reason, he is in a wheelchair and does nothing but joke about being crippled. Sometimes really bad Horror films can get away with cheesy acting and a bad story, as long as they make you laugh, but there is nothing funny about this movie. Even though it has a creepy cover and was filmed in a really cool location, Curse of Alcatraz fails to deliver and is a complete waste of time.moreless

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