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Paul Hoen
Dadnapped finds 14-year-old Melissa with a bad case of sibling rivalry, only her competition is a fictional character in her father's best-selling novel about a teenage super spy. When her dad is abducted by a gang of obsessive fans Melissa is transformed into the superhero that her dad imagines in the best-selling novel he's written. Melissa is called upon to track him down, can she channel her inner super spy?
  • Very boring...

    Exactly what the title says. Allow me to elaborate.

    Plot-Basically Melissa's dad is a famous author best known for writing this stupid super hero book and he gets kidnapped by these obsessed nerd fans, who eventually get found by these guys who want him to write a book or something like that? They're supposed to be on vacation but then this happens.

    Music-Meh. Wasn't impressed much.

    Characters- Not much to say except they all act boring and stupid. I do like the actors though. You get Jackson Rico and Lily from Hannah Montana, Justin from Wizards of Waverly Place, Mr. Moseby from Suite Life of Zack and Cody/Suite Life On Deck some old guy that plays the author, and a bunch of nerds. Unfortunately the movie still blows.

    One thing that seems to bother me is what is up with Melissa thinking the cardboard character thing is real? And she's constantly talking to him pretending he's really there. Not kidding that's really what happens. This girl may need therapy.

    Comedy- There were a few funny moments in the movie like the car wash scene when the black kid is trying to get a spot off his car was kinda funny.

    And another thing I don't get is why do they care about some overdue library books? I mean it's not like they're gonna hunt them down and kill them if they don't return the books. And how do you not know about library fines?

    I kinda like the Father/Daughter relationship between Melissa and her father.

    Another thing that bothers me is why did they flash those stupid police lights? They could have easily had one of them distract them and then snuck in to save them. They ended up running away anyway.

    And why are they saying "Floss"? That's the stupidest catchphrase I ever heard. Did they think it was gonna catch on?

    Overall: While the plot is somewhat interesting the rest of it was boring. Princess Protection Program seemed to have this problem too. This movie also seems really obsessed with flossing and reading. So moral, is to read, pay attention to your family, and remember kids!! DON'T FORGET TO FLOSS!! Pretty bland, generic morals for the youngsters. The kids will love the villains, the gags, and the scenes where they get really messy.moreless
  • how boring..

    this is so boring. it is about a bunch of nerd dweebs and a girl that acts like a boy. the nerds try to safe here because she gets kidnapped but i don't think anyone cared about her. they shouldn't have made this horrible terrible bad movie it stunk so bad. the dad was such a nerd and i don't think that much people watched it maybe 14 people or less i know not more than 100. this movie was so stupid. if they put it in theaters maybe 2,000 people would see it but would want refunds. i hated this movie.moreless
  • Nickelodean slime time meets Reading Rainbow and Macgyver. Oh, did I mention Misery?

    What can I possibly say for this movie?

    Oh, despite it's every abysmal aspect, the acting was good. Though the actors are given a terrible script, badly written roles, and a million and two cliche incidents to work with, they pull through. Emily Osment shines in the face of adversity as the estranged daughter of an eccentric author.

    Likewise, fellow Disney veterans David Henrie, Moises Arias, Phil Lewis, and Jason Earles try their best to fill out their poorly written characters, and they do a good job for the most part.

    That's where the praise ends. Putting aside the fact that the humor aspect of the film depends entirely on Macgyver-type gizmos and gross-out slimy mixtures, the plot just plain reeks.

    While the attempt at a Father-Daughter relationship is a nice touch, nothing in the film makes any sense. 1. Why do Justin Russo, Sheldon, and Rico think they'll win the contest by kidnapping and refusal to let their captive go?

    2. Why do they go to a car wash?

    3. Why do they go to a library? (Overdue books, really? If I had kidnapped a famous author, I wouldn't be too worried about overdue books. And who in the world doesn't know abotu library fines?)

    4. Why do they flash their police lights and therefore scare the bad guys on the run and lose a chance at getting back Emily Osment and her daddy????

    5. What in the world does Jason Earles want? Is he going to kill someone? Is he pulling out his best Kathy Bates impression? Why is the bathroom supposed to be ominous for Emily Osment?

    6. Why couldn't the "armed" Zoomies figure out that Emily Osment reallyw as in the hotel?

    7. Why did the Zoomies form an army? ETC., ETC., ETC...

    As you can see, this plot is entirely constructed by bad physical comedy after obvious loophole....

    Whoever wrote this was SOOOOOO lazy. Or thought the audience was too dumb to see through their thinnly laced script.

    On that note, I must make one last jab at the overall theme of the movie: Pay attention to your family, and READ READ READ! Justin Russo tells us that reading rocks in the end. Not unlike the last Wizards of Waverly place episode to air. I'm Disney getting so bored with their "follow your dreams" schpeel that they have to start mooching from PBS?

    BAD Disney, BAD.

    Also, one final note: Why is Emily Osment schizophrenic in this movie? Ponder this.moreless

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