Dances with Wolves

Tig Productions and Majestic Films International Released 1990


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Dances with Wolves is the award-winning 1990 western starring and directed by Kevin Costner a Union soldier during the Civil War who, displeased with Army life, finds new hope for himself in the foreign lifestyle of a Sioux tribe. Costner plays Lt. John Dunbar, a man whose career in the Army was supposed to be over after a debilitating leg injury. After an attempt at battlefield suicide turns into a heroic one-man charge, however, he's promoted and given the medical attention necessary to save his leg. His superiors give him the option of choosing his next post, and he chooses to get as far away from the action as possible—the Western frontier. He winds up all alone at a small camp where he befriends the local animals and eventually gets to know a local Sioux tribe. As Dunbar proves to his new Native American friends he's not like other white men, they accept him into their tribe. He finds happiness he never knew with his new friends. He settles down with a wife and helps the Sioux warriors on their hunts. However, the threat of white expansion is never far away, and if the Army learns of Dunbar's new life he'll be hunted down for treason. Dances with Wolves is an inspiring story about honor and freedom on the frontier, and won seven Academy Awards including Best Picture.moreless
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Interracial Families, Love Story, Kidnapped Child, War Hero, Breathtaking Nature