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A lawyer blinded by radioactive waste fights crime as an acrobatic martial arts superhero using his other senses, which have been enhanced to superhuman proportions. He dwells in a world of eternal night, but the blackness is filled with sounds and scents, tastes and textures that most cannot perceive. Although attorney Matt Murdock is blind, his other four senses function with superhuman sharpness. By day Murdock represents the downtrodden. At night he is Daredevil, a masked vigilante stalking the dark streets of the city and a relentless avenger of justice. For Daredevil, justice is blind; for the guilty, there's hell to pay. Unlike other Marvel characters experiencing radiological accidents that drastically altered their appearance or biological makeup, a freak accident gives Daredevil his signature radar sense, but does not alter him in any other significant ways. Following the tragic mishap, Matt embarks on a training regimen to build his body, mind, and senses. He learns that he can see by the vibrations made by sound - he can even hear a man's heart beating - and he possesses extraordinary senses of touch and smell. Spurred on by his father's murder, Matt devotes his life to justice. After earning a law degree he stays close to his Hells Kitchen roots. With his longtime friend Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson, he opens the storefront law office Murdock & Nelson. Matt works as a lawyer, but the vigilance he shows during the day turns to vigilantism at night. When criminals beat the system, Matt becomes Daredevil to bring street-style justice to Hell's Kitchen. This dichotomy of good vs. evil - justice vs. vigilantism - defines the moral struggle Matt faces every day.moreless
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