Dead Man Walking

Gramercy, Havoc, Polygram Filmed Entertainment and Working Title Films Released 1995


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Movie: Dead Man Walking


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Dead Man Walking is a drama directed by Tim Robbins and starring Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn. Based on a non-fiction novel of the same name, it tells the story of Sister Helen Prejean (Susan Sarandon) and a death row inmate, Matthew Poncelet (Sean Penn), as they work together to help Matthew in this last days before his execution. Sister Helen wants Matthew to confess to the crimes he is imprisoned for, murdering a young couple in cold blood, so that he can have forgiveness in death. However, Matthew continually professes his innocence and, although he initially comes across as egotistical, racist, and sexist, the two form a close bond over time. Sister Helen hires a lawyer to fight for Matthew's to have life in prison instead of the death penalty. Will Sister Helen be able to prove Matthew's innocence, or is there more evil inside the criminal than she is willing to see? Produced by PolyGram Filmed Entertainment and Working Title Films, Dead Man Walking is a emotional and gripping tale of two strangers who forge a strong friendship in the unlikeliest of places. The real life Sister Helen is now a strong advocate against capital punishment, and she has acted as spiritual advisor for many convinced murderers on death row.moreless
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Unlikely Friendships, Coping With Death, Secrets And Lies, Religion & Spirituality, Life Vs. Death