Death to Smoochy

Released 2002


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Danny DeVito
Death to Smoochy begins with Randolph Smiley (ROBIN WILLIAMS), a man who has it all. As the costumed star of the highest rated kid's show on TV, "Rainbow Randolph" has a Manhattan penthouse, a Times Square billboard featuring his beloved character, cars , boats, horses and all the indulgence that celebrity brings. Until he gets caught by the Feds in an under-the-table bribe. Busted and instantly reviled, Randolph is a star no more. Enter Sheldon Mopes (EDWARD NORTON) and his alter-ego "Smoochy", a puffy, fuchsia rhinoceros. Smoochy is the perfect remedy for what ails the networks. Now it's Smoochy who's got the swanky penthouse, the Times Square billboard and the smooth-talking agent (DANNY DEVITO). Sheldon soon learns that children's television is a dangerous world steeped in corruption, back-stabbing and violence with his biggest problem being Rainbow Randolph. Broke and homeless, Randolph seeks revenge on the Rhino that stole his job and his house; he's convinced the foam rubber carpetbagger is the face of evil sent by the devil to destroy him and he will not sleep until Smoochy takes a permanent dirt nap.moreless


Metacritic Score

  • 50

    Los Angeles Times Kevin Thomas

    Starts out as such a deliciously savage satire of TV kiddie shows that it's a shame it swerves out of control and over the top, sliding into tedium before pulling together for a cl...

  • 50

    Variety Todd McCarthy

    Pushes its dark, smart, clever, cynical, satirical, nasty, provocative and sarcastic instincts to the point of heavily diminished returns -- to the point where the very amusing pre...

  • 20

    The New York Times A.O. Scott

    There are a few laughs, but I'm not sure that a comedy is supposed to make you recoil, which is what "Smoochy" does.

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Dark Comedy, Satire