Defying Gravity

Released 1997


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John Keitel
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Defying Gravity is a 1997 gay romantic drama from first-time director John Keitel. John "Griff" Griffith (Daniel Chilson) lives in his fraternity house with his frat brothers and pledges. One brother, Pete Bradley (Don Handfield), has just moved out of the house and into a new place with some fellow students. What none of the other brothers realize, however, is that Griff and Pete are carrying on a secret affair. Griff may be reluctant to come out, but Pete demands a more fulfilling relationship. Finally, the two agree to meet up for a real date. But when Griff discovers that Pete's location of choice is actually a gay coffee-house, he is mortified and insists that he wants no part of that lifestyle. When the two bitterly part ways, Griff looks back to see a black truck creeping after Pete down a dark alley. The next day, the house is shocked to learn that Pete has been violently bashed into a coma and fears what having a homosexual in their fraternity will do to their reputations. The time has come for Griff to make big decisions about his life: should he stay safely in the closet, or out himself to the fraternity and the world to be by the side of the man he loves?moreless


Metacritic Score

  • 80

    Los Angeles Times Kevin Thomas

    A straightforward drama done with a maturity and conviction impressive for a first film.

  • 40

    The New York Times Lawrence Van Gelder

    Plods along, never catching dramatic fire, sometimes suffering from amateurish acting and often relying on its intrusive and treacly music to impart mood and rhythm.

  • 30

    TV Guide Ken Fox

    What really undoes writer-director John Keitel's admirable intentions is the general lack of artistry on virtually every level.

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