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Movie: Delinquent


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Tim is a 15-year-old boy simmering on the brink of sexual maturity in the stark shadow of his father, a hard-drinking, small-town cop. Tim's Mom committed suicide a few months ago, leaving him to find her corpse. As Tim drifts deeper into his own fantasy world, Dad's brutality drives him out of their squalid trailer and into a member of the local gentry's serene summer home. There he explores the life, thoughts and lingerie of Tracy, whose own sexual awakening at boarding school is about to backfire. When Tim determines to rid himself of his father for good, Tracy's unexpected presence in that dark, white house kicks off a chilling round of twists that bristle with tension and mark DELINQUENT as a haunting psychological thriller. Lensed in FILM with an original soundtrack by GANG OF FOUR SELECTED REVIEWS: Delinquent is one of those great little near-no-budget movies that every now and then seem to come out of nowhere to give hope for a truly independent American cinema. It marks a stunning debut feature for writer-director Peter Hall, who never makes a false move as he builds suspense right from the start. Kevin Thomas, LOS ANGELES TIMES A debut feature that, while self-assured and sure-handed, is as raw, restless, contemplative, and haunting as its antihero. Everything about DELINQUENT challenges preconceptions, not just about genre, but also about adolescent behavior and psychology. Gary Susman, THE VILLAGE VOICE Strong, brooding debut feature, with taut thriller editing, gorgeously punctuated by the crackling sound of Gang of Four. A fresh and bracing coming-of-age story that fascinates even as it frightens. The grandly nihilist ending haunts. Ray Pride, NEW CITY Visually stunning ... Promisingly perverse. Michael Wilmington, CHICAGO TRIBUNEmoreless
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