Demolition Man

Warner Bros. Released 1993




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Marco Brambilla

The film opens with Los Angeles Police Detective John Spartan facing off with crime lord Simon Phoenix. Hostages die in the raid, and when Phoenix blames Spartan for the explosion that killed the captives, Spartan and Phoenix are both sentenced to Cryo-Prison. Fast forward to the year 2032, and we see a very different society emerging, with Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara merging together to form San Angeles, a dystopian society led by the enigmatic Dr. Raymond Cocteau. Under Cocteau's guidance, San Angeles has become a pacifist society, with crime effectively eradicated. Not everyone is happy with Cocteau's changes though, and Edgar Friendly leads a growing resistance movement, the biggest threat to Cocteau's regime. When Spartan is accidentally freed from his cryogenic imprisonment, he sets out on a brutal crime spree the pacifist San Angeles police department is unable to control. To catch the old-school killer, they'll need Spartan. The twentieth century cop is partnered with Lenina Huxley, a San Angeles police officer. Can the old-school cop teach Lenina enough to keep her safe from Phoenix?



Metacritic Score

  • 75

    TV Guide Magazine

    The pleasant surprise about Demolition Man is that both the script, and Stallone, are funny; the film blends big-budget action and tongue-in-cheek humor in the way that "last actio...

  • 40

    Washington Post Hal Hinson

    Demolition Man is a futuristic cop picture with slightly more imagination and wit than the typical example of the slash-and-burn genre.

  • 25

    Rolling Stone Peter Travers

    Demolition Man is sleek and empty as well as brutal and pointless.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Huxley: How was the fiendish Simon Phoenix apprehended back in the 20th?
      Zachary: Twelve state manhunt. Satellite surveillance. A video bite on unsolved mysteries. Huh, none of it worked. In the end it took just one man, one cop... John Spartan.

    • T.V. Reporter: (Spartan carries a small girl from a burning building) How can you justify destroying a seven million dollar mini-mall to rescue a girl who's ransom was only twenty-five thousand dollars.
      Young Girl: F*** you, lady.

    • Zachary: Simon Phoenix is an old fashioned criminal. We need an old fashioned cop.

    • Chief: (regarding Spartan) He's a musclebound grotesque.

    • Spartan: (Spartan has just awoken from cryo-stasis) Yo, get me a Marlboro.
      Garcia: Yes, of course, right away. What's a marbo?
      Spartan: It's a cigarette, any cigarette.
      Huxsley: Ah, smoking is not good for you, and has been deemed that anything not good for you is bad... hence, illegal. Alcohol, caffeine, contact sports, meat--
      Spartan: Are you s******* me?
      Computer: [BEEP] John Spartan, you are fined one credit for violation of the verbal morality statute.
      Spartan: What the hell is that?
      Computer: [BEEP] John Spartan, you are fined one credit for violation of the verbal morality statute.
      Huxsley: ...bad language, chocolate, gasoline, uneducational toys and anything spicy. Abortion is also illegal but then again so is pregnancy if you don't have a license.

    • Spartan: (Phoenix flees the scene) You don't know how lucky you are that maniac didn't whack you.
      Cocteau: Well, I must say "whacking", whatever it is sounds most disagreeable.

    • Huxsley: I've been in the business of your escapades for some time now. I have in fact perused some news reels from the Schwarzenegger library. That time that you took that car--
      Spartan: Hold it! The Schwarzenegger library?
      Huxsley : Yes, the Schwarzenegger presidential library. Wasn't he an actor before--
      Spartan: Stop. He was president?
      Huxsley: Yes. Even though he was not born in this country, his popularity at the time caused the 61st amendment which states that--
      Spartan: I don't want to know.

    • Spartan: So. What's with this Cocteau guy anyway? He says I saved his life which I'm not even sure I did and my reward is dinner and dancing at Taco Bell? I mean, hey, I like Mexican food, but come on.
      Huxsley: Your tone is quasi-facetious, but, you do not realize that Taco Bell was the only restaurant to survive the franchise wars.
      Spartan: So?
      Huxsley: So... now all restaurants are Taco Bell.
      Spartan: No way.

    • Huxsley: Simon Phoenix knows he has some competition. He's finally matched his meet. You really licked his ass.
      Spartan: That's met his match and kicked, kicked his ass.

    • Spartan: Now, I'm gonna go down there. I'm gonna find Phoenix. And I'm gonna put him in a hurt locker. So, you wanna come with me or you wanna arrest me?
      Huxsley: Okay, I'm with you. Lets go blow this guy.
      Spartan: Away. Blow this guy away.

    • Huxsley: The exchange of bodily fluids. Do you know what that leads to?
      Spartan: Yeah, I do. Kids, smoking, a desire to raid the fridge.
      Huxsley: The rampant exchange of bodily fluids was one of the major reasons for the downfall of society. After AIDS, there was NRS, after NRS there was UBT. And one of the first things that Dr. Cocteau was able to do was to outlaw and behaviorally engineer all fluid transfer out of socially acceptable behavior. Not even mouth fluid transfer is condoned.
      Spartan: Kissings not allowed. Damn, I was a good kisser.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Production Budget - $57,000,000
      Domestic Gross - $58,055,768 (18th)
      Worldwide Gross - $159,055,768 (12th)

      Domestic Adjusted for 2013 - $114,428,760
      Worldwide Adjusted for 2013 - $313,501,224

    • Production Companies:
      Silver Pictures

    • Filming locations:
      Park Place Office Campus, Irvine, California
      105 Freeway, Los Angeles, California
      2nd Street Tunnel between Hill and Figueroa, Los Angeles, California
      America Plaza Trolley Station, San Diego, California
      Baxter Pharmaceutical, Thousand Oaks, California
      Fleur Daniels Chemical Company, Irvine, California
      Hollywood Sign, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
      Hughes Aircraft, El Segundo, California,
      Los Angeles Convention Center, Downtown, Los Angeles, California
      Louisville, Kentucky
      Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, California
      Park Place Office Campus, Irvine, California
      Pasadena, California
      San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California
      Warner Brothers Burbank Studios, Burbank, California
      The Pyramid, San Diego, California
      Westlake Village, California

    • Taglines:
      1. The future isn't big enough for the both of them.
      2. The 21st Century's most dangerous cop. The 21st Century's most ruthless criminal.
      3. In the 21st Century, the police aren't equipped to handle this kind of violence. John Spartan isn't equipped to handle this kind of peace and harmony.
      4. In the year 2032, Simon Phoenix escapes from prison, on the verge of bringing crime to San Angeles. One man is called back to duty as a last resort. They call him... THE DEMOLITION MAN.

    • Music:
      Demolition Man
      Written and performed by Sting
      Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz
      Written by Tom Dawes and Bob Wilvers
      The Armour Hot Dog Jingle
      Come Alive (You're in the Pepsi generation)
      Written by Sid Ramin
      Good Things from the Garden
      Written by Bernie Saber and Robert Noel
      My Dog's Better than Your Dog
      Written by Dick Marx and Tom Paxton
      The Love Boat Theme
      Written by Charles Fox and Paul Williams
      Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee
      Written by Fred Ebb and Mitch Leigh

    • Saturn Awards Nominations:
      1. Costumes
      2. Best Sci-Fi Film
      3. Special Effects


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