Despicable Me

Released 2010


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  • Awesome movie.

    I can honestly say: this is one of the greatest movies of all-time. I love the minions, and one of my favorite parts from that movie was Edith and the death trap. When I first saw these girls, I always thought they were Gru's experiments. But boy was I wrong. Ha ha ha. This was the first time I've seen that movie, since I don't remember. All in all, funny movie, cute animation, unique characters and perfect story.
  • a little more fun then 2nd one.

    well its a little more fun then the second one cuz i think i saw 2nd one first so i made a wierd idea.
  • It rocks and manages to be amazing simotaniously

    I knew this film would be one of my most favorites the first time that I started watching it. Superb CGI and 3-D in certain points of the film made it have a good job of feeling like the movie was real life.
  • Despicable Me: Violence for Children!

    Despicable Me was a nice little film that tried to straddle the line between action and family. Ultimately, it managed to be great for children while giving their parents a few cheap laughs while they were at it. In terms of plot, nothing particularly outrageous or amazing. The animation is great in a cartoony sense, and the 3D was a nice effect, especially with the large groups of minions. I'd recommend seeing this movie if you have kids and want a nice family movie for all of you to somewhat enjoy.

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