Disciples of the 36th Chamber

Released 1985


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Liu Chia Liang
Fang Shih-yu (Hsiao Hou), a radical student from a kung fu family, is heavily punished for teasing a Manchu education officer. When chastised by his mother Miao Tsui-hua (Lily Li) for continuingly teasing other Manchu officers, Fang takes offence to Priest San Te (Gordon Liu Chia-hui) who helps him get out of trouble. Mistaking him for a Manchu monk, he storms the Ching Martial Arts Club and wounds many pupils. The Head of the Club (Liu Chia-liang) demands delivery of Fang by threatening to close the Kwangtung Gym. While playing along with him to stall for time, Miao arranges with San Te to admit Fang and her two other sons into the Shaolin Temple. Fang is disobedient and arrogant at Shaolin and is often reprimanded by San Te. Fed up with the dreary temple life, Fang sneaks out one Lantern Festival night to create turmoil. The Manchu Governor (Pai Piao), impressed by his excellent kung fu, lures him into revealing the secret of Shaolin and offers him a reward. When the Temple later expels Fang, he defects to the Governor. He and nine classmates are subsequently all invited to attend a Royal wedding banquet and martial arts tournament. San Te knows his disciples have fallen into a trap. With Miao posing as the bride, San Te and Miao break into the party to stop them from drinking the poison wine. But Fang insists on drinking it, and when he finds himself poisoned, he spits it over the Governor to ruin him. The Shaolin men are surrounded by Manchu troops, but they use their Shaolin skills to break out and eventually return safely to continue their training.moreless

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