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Dishdogz is a 2005 action drama movie by director Mikey Hilb, starring Marshall Allman, Haylie Duff, Luke Perry, Ryan Scheckler, Tony Alva, and Art Alexakis. Kevin (Marshall Allman) needs a new summer job, so that he can quit his old back-breaking one. So when he gets the opportunity to work as a kitchen worker for an extreme sport summer camp, he barely has to think twice before signing on. He already has plans of spending his break times on the half pipes before he even arrives for his first day of work. What he does not expect is to team up with his fellow extreme skateboarder dishwashers as The Dishdogz. Now he has to be one step ahead of the competition in order to stay a member of The Dishdogz and to win the heart of the beautiful Cassidy (Haylie Duff)—not to mention that he still needs to get his work done or his surly boss, Tony (Luke Perry), will have his hide! Dishdogz is a fun sports movie about perseverance and what one can achieve when one gives one’s all.moreless
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