Doctor Faustus

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Released 1968


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Of the many films they made together, nowhere is the seductive power of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor better showcased than in this brilliant adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's classic play, DOCTOR FAUSTUS. First dramatized in the 16th century, the legend of DOCTOR FAUSTUS is the immortal tale of a German conjurer who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for a life of adventure and excitement. It has proved to be one of the richest legends of our time, inspiring countless plays and motion pictures. In fact, Burton, Taylor and Peter Ustinov filmed a modern adaptation just a few years after DOCTOR FAUSTUS called Hammersmith is Out. In this classic version, Burton stars as the aging scholar who makes a deal with the devil for youth, knowledge and a dazzling mistress. But when Faustus begins to regret his decision, the devil's assistant, Mephistopheles, sends Taylor as the spellbinding seductress who seals Faustus' fate. This lasting achievement is distinguished by its visual beauty and the great performances of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.moreless
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