Dorian Blues

Released 2004


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Dorian Blues is a 2004 German comedy produced by Day Dreamer Films and distributed by TLA Releasing. The story is simple: Dorian is gay. How do he and his family cope with this? Through much introspection, Dorian discovers that he is OK just the way he his; that he is not the freakish social outcast his father tells him he is. Step by agonizing step Dorian finds his own true path and while never easy he does prevail. There are some hilarious moments. Leslie Elliard, who plays Dorian's therapist, is good. The film focuses on the family dynamics. Lea Coco, the straight brother, Nicky, and Michael McMillian, the gay brother, Dorian, generate such an easy brotherly chemistry - the film's strength lies in its depiction of this dad, in particular. As the father for whom Dorian has ambivalent feelings Charles Fletcher is good, portraying an older generation with values and ideas that dare never be questioned.moreless
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Gay & Lesbian