Double Take

Released 2009


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Trailer for Double Take, which screened at the 2009 Vancouver International Film Festival. Double Take is anchored by a chronological recap of the US-USSR Cold War relationship, the time when catastrophic culture was at the point of formation. This was also when Hitchcock moved into America's living rooms, and made The Birds, a dense masterpiece whose title characters epitomize the return of the repressed but also the encroaching presence of the medium of television--and whose set hosts a Borgesian meeting of Hitchcocks present and future. In his clip-heavy assemblage, Grimonprez dances with density in a way that's far from stodgy: pleasure leaps out from the Cold War gloom, and Hitchcock is reborn, freed from the academy's shackles. Double Take zips and zaps like the most addictive of TV shows.moreless
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