Dr. T and the Women

Released 2000


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Dr. T and the Women is a 2000 romantic comedy film directed by Robert Altman starting Richard Gere as gynecologist Dr. Sullivan Travis, more commonly known as Dr. T. Dr. T lives a wonderful life as a wealthy doctor in Texas until the women surrounding him start to involve him in their turbulent lives. His wife Kate (Farrah Fawcett) suffers a mental breakdown, while his daughter Dee Dee (Kate Hudson) is about to get married despite the fact that she is in a lesbian relationship with her maid of honor, Marilyn (Liv Tyler) and his other daughter Connie (Tara Reid) is full of JFK conspiracy theories. At Dr. T's office, his secretary Carolyn (Shelley Long) has an unrequited crush on him. His sister-in-law Peggy (Laura Dern)and her three daughters move in with him while she settles her divorce, and among all the chaos he meets Bree (Helen Hunt) at the country club. Dr. T wonders if he will ever find peace with all the women in his life, but one of them might be the key to it.moreless
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Romantic Comedy, Love & Romance