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Dragon Hunter is a 2009 independent film directed by Steve Shimek. It is low budget to the point of barely having a budget at all. It tells the tale of Kendrick of Elwood, a young man who was orphaned as a baby after his parents were murdered in a vicious Orc attack. Kendrick was then raised by his older brother Darius, who at the time of the murders, was only nine. Darius gave his life to raising Kendrick and destroying the remaining Orcs from the land. The brothers grow up as a new threat dawns. Tales of dragon attacks are spreading across the concerned land. Before she died their mother prophesied that a great dragon hunter was within their blood line. So the brothers decide to go on a dangerous journey to the castle of Ocard where the dragon hunters train. The brothers battle their way across the land towards the castle, aligning with a group of rogue warriors. Will the brothers get to the castle and become the prophesied dragon hunters?moreless

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  • Dragon Hunter

    While there was a mediocre glimpse of a story in there somewhere, it got a little lost in everything else that was going on.

    The characters weren't introduced properly, so feeling anything for them was impossible. Kendrick, for one, didn't have any makings of a hero whatsoever, although his brother Darius wasn't that bad. The world this movie took place in wasn't explained at all either, considering its inhabitants (humans, orcs, elves, dragons).

    I'm aware that doing anything new in the area of fantasy is pretty much impossible these days, but this movie made me cringe: it was a weak rip-off of "The Lord of the Rings", whether you looked at a close- up of eyes, the orcs... even the stiff manner of speech that was supposed to sound old or something, but managed to make the characters sound even more ridiculous than they were the rest of the time.

    The story of dragon hunters was in there somewhere, and the dragon itself wasn't all that bad, but... nothing impressive there. Apparently shaking the camera during action sequences is a good way to prevent people from seeing even the few good things - if they exist - and that's what ruined the action in between stiff speech and lame drama.

    There were a few good lines, but that was it. Not worth seeing, really.moreless

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