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The trailer for Dreamland which will make its North America Premiere at the 2010 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. Measuring economic growth is like measuring feelings, but without the distinction between good and bad-it-s all quantity without quality. Apply that metaphor to Iceland-s abundant hydroelectric and geothermal energy markets, and you get more jobs, more kilowatts, and more revitalization. What isn-t measured is the loss of landscape and lifestyle. Some of the world-s most magnificent and unique habitat is being sacrificed for clean, renewable energy for use by the aluminum industry. Ironically, one of the world-s cleanest nations is being used as a dumping ground for heavy industry. The dark side of green energy is that you can make a living off the land, but why stop at a living when you can make a killing-in profits? The relentless march towards -progress- has put a price on everything from natural resources to political sovereignty to morality. Remember when being rich meant not going hungry? Me neither.moreless
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