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Steve Wang

Toby Wong is no ordinary fighter. Instead, he's a genetically engineered assassin, recently escaped from the criminal organization that made him into the killing machine he is. While on the lam and heading for the safety of Los Angeles, Toby winds up in a fight at a bar and takes a hostage for protection. The hostage is a writer, Malik Brody, who finds himself taken along for a wild and action-packed ride as Toby fights furiously against his many assailants. As the pair continue their dangerous journey, stalked the entire time by Vic, a fellow assassin determined to turn Toby in to the crime organization, they eventually meet an ally in the form of bubbly, feisty Deliverance Bodine. As Toby continues his fight for freedom, the action scenes become more and more intense and the outcome becomes more uncertain for Toby, Malik and Deliverance.

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    • Production Budget - $3,500,000

    • A 'director's cut' of the movie runs 17 minutes longer.

    • Filming locations include:
      Santa Clarita, California
      Los Angeles, California
      Lancaster, California
      Pier 94, San Pedro, Los Angeles, California
      San Pedro, Los Angeles, California

    • Taglines:
      1. There ain't no cruise control.
      2. Speed kills - if you ain't going fast enough...
      3. If you live for action... don't settle for anything less!
      4. You can walk, you can run, you can limp, You've got to... Drive
      5. They thought it couldn't get any worse... Then they met each other.
      6. An irrepressible thrill ride combining the high-impact fight-action of "The Matrix" and the comedic interplay of "Rush Hour".

    • Music:
      He Remembers She
      Written by Chanté Moore and Jonathan Robinson
      Written by Anthony Srock and Mike Clark
      Performed by Final Cut
      Circus Music
      Written by Craig Austin
      Won't You Come Home, Malik Brody
      Special lyric by Tony Lorrich
      Where's the Party At
      Written by Rudy Archuleta and Stephen Theard
      Performed by Intellect
      Guardian Angel
      Written by Ben Watkins and Mike Maguire
      Performed by Juno Reactor
      Satisfaction Guaranteed
      Written by Alan Mirikitani
      Performed by Buddha Heads
      Rat on a Wheel
      Written by Alexander Baker and Eric A. Stromer
      Redneck with the Blues
      Written by Lisa Webb, Fran Romeo and Buck Moore
      Performed by Billy Bob Shane
      Kick & Bass
      Written by S. Manning
      Written by Alan Mirikitani
      Performed by Buddha Heads
      Rough Rock
      Written by Shopan Entesari and Mike Slamer
      Surf 'N Turf
      Written and Performed by Dennis Michael Tenney
      Flight to Fantasy
      Written by Ian West and Melanie Mansfield
      Romeo and Juliet
      Livin' on the Edge
      Written by Hugh E. Flannery
      Performed by Local Hero
      Lover Boy
      Written by Herb Cox and James McGhee
      Performed by The Cleftones
      I Can Make You Feel Good
      Written by Rodney Chambers, Richard Redd, Andre Scott, Reggie Bell, Atone Bryant and Stan Scates
      Performed by Yankee Doodle
      Special lyric by Tony Lorrich


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