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Ben Sharpsteen
Dumbo is the 1941 pachyderm children's classic from Walt Disney Studios. The animals of a travelling circus show are brought babies by storks one fateful night, but for an elephant called Mrs. Jumbo it is a sad occasion. As she watches all her friends get their new babies, she slowly realizes that the storks do not seem to have a tiny elephant for her, even though she was expecting one. The next day brings a wonderful surprise though. A stork arrives ' better late than never! ' with a baby elephant for the despondent Mrs. Jumbo. She is overjoyed and proudly announces that his name will be Jumbo Jr. Then, the little baby sneezes and from the side of his head unfurl the most impossibly big ears that anyone has ever seen. Pretty soon, Jumbo Jr. is the joke of the circus, laughed at and ridiculed by all, and cruelly nicknamed Dumbo by the other female elephants. One day, some mischievous children visit the circus and tease Dumbo; when Mrs. Jumbo reacts violently towards them, she is taken away and locked in a cage away from her baby and the rest of the circus. A determined circus mouse called Timothy befriends Dumbo, and promises to make him a star.moreless
  • A true inspiration for children everywhere

    Walt Disney does it again with "Dumbo", a film that has a very simple premise that is surprisingly complex when you really examine it, similar to that of "Pinocchio". The animation is very nice, the characters, specifically Dumbo and Timothy, are adorable, and the soundtrack is good too. It's also very dark with the moral and doesn't talk down to its audience. It manages to truly inspire every time it's put on. "Dumbo" is just a pure inspirational phenomenon.moreless
  • What happened?

    This was the second movie I ever rated, after The Fox and the Hound. Last year Nick cancelled Sam & Cat so I started posting reviews about it. Why'd they delete it? Anyway, Dumbo is FOR SURE a Disney masterpiece. I've wrote about it at TheTopTens on Best Disney Movies, Best Disney Animated Movies, and Best Animated Children's Movies. My account there is Disney1994.
  • My Favorite Childhood Movie

    This was my favorite movie growing up as a child. I would rent it a lot from the video store in town and would eventually just have to get my own copy. I've probably seen it more times than any other movie and this might be the first movie that I remember watching. I don't like that people think this is racist. There's nothing racist about it. But kids of any ages should enjoy this movie. There's a lesson to be learned and a great story to be watched. This is probably the greatest of all the G rated movies.moreless
  • Another all-time favorite from Disney

    I like this movie just as much as I like Lady and the Tramp, Frozen, 101 Dalmatians, and Oliver & Company. Only problem is they put a drinking scene in a kids' movie. But everything else is wonderful. Especially the music. Just like with Oliver & Company, the music is my favorite part of the movie.
  • Airing tonight on Disney Jr!

    Airing in 4 and a half hours. Same thing as with The Rescuers, the only thing I didn't like was the drinking scene.

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