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Movie: Ecstasy


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Ecstasy is a classic film about a young woman who finds herself without passion in her relationship with an older man, and takes it upon herself to find the love she wants. Eva Hermann (Hedy Lamarr) is newly married, but on the night of taking their vows, her husband Emile (Zvonimir Rogoz) is more interested in finding neatness and order to their room than any drive in their lovemaking. In fact, Eva finds no lovemaking at all, and runs home to escape the throws of the marriage, that is never consummated. She returns to her fathers house, and falls for the much younger Adam (Aribert Mog), who is certainly not running short on affection or sexual fervor. The two lovers do indeed consummate their love this time, but Eva's husband, heartbroken and alone, seeks out his former bride, leading to a most unexpected encounter between the two men. Ecstasy was groundbreaking and controversial for its release in 1933, and launched a prolific career for Lamarr, who took huge risks appearing nude in the film. The sex scenes are full of sensuality and lust that has been unmatched since then, and while the dialogue is in German, by all accounts it's not the words that will keep you entralled. Director Gustav Machat_'s eye raiser is too good to pass up.moreless
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