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Arch Hall, Sr
(Description From Wikipedia) Eegah (also known as Eegah! The Name Written in Blood) is a 1962 film starring Arch Hall Jr. as Tom Nelson, Arch Hall Sr. (credited as William Watters) as Robert I. Miller, Richard Kiel as Eegah, and Marilyn Manning as Roxy Miller. The movie was directed by Arch Hall Sr. (writing and directing under the pseudonym "Nicholas Merriweather," and acting under the pseudonym "William Watters"), and was also written by Hall and Bob Wehling. The music editor was the young Alan O'Day, who went on to create #1 pop hits in the 1970s. The film was featured on episodes of Canned Film Festival and Mystery Science Theater 3000, and was one of the films listed in Michael Medved's book The 50 Worst Films Ever Made. Plot Eegah (Richard Kiel) is a giant prehistoric caveman living in the middle of the desert. One night after a party, Roxy Miller (Marilyn Manning) is driving home when she comes across Eegah. She tells her boyfriend Tom Nelson (Arch Hall Jr.), and her father Robert Miller (Arch Hall Sr.) about the caveman. Her father, a professional photographer, decides to go into the desert to look for the creature. When he fails to show up at his designated pickup time, Tom and Roxy go into the desert looking for him. Roxy is soon kidnapped by Eegah and taken back to his cave while Tom searches for her. In Eegah's cave, Roxy is reunited with her father, who tells her that he has begun to communicate with the caveman and has developed a theory as to the creature's astounding longevity. When a frisky Eegah expresses what seems to be romantic interest in Roxy, her father, fearful that the creature may kill them both if he is rebuffed, suggests she put up with as much of it as she can bear. Eegah never tries anything too explicit, though, and Roxy even ends up giving him a shave before the pair is able to escape. Crushed, Eegah follows them back to civilization, and a final confrontation ensues. Hall Jr., then being prom.moreless

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