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Ender's Game

Summit Entertainment / Oddlot Entertainment Released 2013



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Gavin Hood

When hostile aliens called the Formics attack Earth, only the legendary heroics of Mazer Rackham manage to attain a victory. To prepare for the next attack, Col. Hyrum Graff and his cohorts initiate a military program to find the next Mazer. Recruit Ender Wiggin exhibits an unusual gift for the training, easily mastering all of the challenges thrown at him. Mazer Rackham, himself, takes Ender as a protege to prepare him for the oncoming war.


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Metacritic Score

  • 80

    Total Film

    Like its hero, Ender's Game relies on brains more than brute force. An absorbing portrait of Lord Of The Flies-style morality housed in imaginative sci-fi casing.

  • 60

    Time Out London Tom Huddleston

    It falters once the actual war begins: Ben Kingsley shows up as a Maori warrior with the weirdest imaginable accent, the final battle is uninvolving, and there's an unconvincing up...

  • 60

    The Hollywood Reporter

    If only adapter-director Gavin Hood's movie had been tempered with craft and care and wasn't such a blunt instrument, one that seems designed as a delivery system for CGI derring-d...

  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    The Ender franchise has turned into such a global phenomena that now, most kids are required to read it in High School. I was one of those kids and I absolutely loved the story. In fact I continued on with the books and they became unbearably strange. How they got almost 20 novels out of it is beyond me. While I was really excited to finally see Ender's Game on the big screen, I knew the chances of it continuing past one film would be slim at best. It all has to do with the ending, which is bizarre and really shouldn't have been continued. For those who don't know the story, in the future, Earth is at war with an alien species known as the Formics. The Humans have taken heavy losses and in desperation have started a recruitment program, that focuses on children. Knowing that kids think in a different way than adults do, they are hoping to find that one genius who has the key to defeating the Formics. That child turns out to be Ender Wiggin, a child who under Earth's new Government, shouldn't have even been born. Seeing the story I read so many years ago, come to life on the big screen, was magical for me. Finally I was able to understand the parts that were just too confusing to see in my head and get the complete picture. Ender is played by Asa Butterfield, who somewhat miraculously, at the age of 15, has had the starring role in every film he's been in. After watching Ender's game it's not hard to see why, he was to this film, what Ender was to the Human's in the story. The producers surrounded him and his young crew with a cast of Academy Award winners including Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, and Viola Davis, which ultimately strengthen the movie and must of really inspired this kid to give the performance he gave. While the film simply broken even at the box office, (killing any chance of a franchise developing out of it) it was very well done and closely mirrored the book. They did a near perfect job of deciding what parts should stay and what should be eliminated, giving us a film that was just as good as the book, if not better.moreless
Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

Colonel Hyrum Graff

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld

Petra Arkanian

Asa Butterfield

Asa Butterfield

Ender Wiggin

Abigail Breslin

Abigail Breslin

Valentine Wiggin

Ben Kingsley

Ben Kingsley

Mazer Rackham

Viola Davis

Viola Davis

Major Gwen Anderson

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