Endless Love

Released 2014


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  • endless love

    Endless love is one of my favorite movies. The plot of the movie is around forbidden love. A wealthy girl , Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde) falls in love with a less privileged David Axelrod (Alex Pettyfer). The two attended high school together but neither of them ever spoke to each other. The two fall in love but their relationship is affected when Jade's father wants to send her away for an internship and wants to keep her away from David. The two experience a lot of hardships but will they get through it? .I would recommend the movie to all teenagers not only teenagers but adults too if you enjoy romantic dramas. the movie is quite enjoyable if that's what you are into. I would mainly recommend it to teenagers because it would be more relatable to them. it deals with a situation that most of us are having a similar experience with which is love or even forbidden love.

    the movie thought me that if I believe in something I should fight for it. if I strongly believe in something I should not give up on it and if I really want it I will preserve through all the hardships that comes with it.

    Love is usually portrayed as a fallacy but through this movie it showed that there is still hope for love put there

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