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Faeries is an animated fantasy film by Director Gary Hurst and starring the voices of Kate Winslet, Dougray Scott, and Jeremy Irons. In this family-friendly feature, Nellie (Carley O’Neill) and her little brother George (Geoffrey Williams) end up in the fairy realm after George accidentally stumbles into a fairy ring. Nellie does not arrive in time to prevent him from eating some fairy cake and the law of the land is that any mortal who eats fairy food must remain in the fairy realm forever. After pleading with the Fairy Prince (Dougray Scott), they are offered a single chance to escape the fairy realm—they must complete three special tasks. When the evil brother of the Prince, the Shapeshifter (Jeremy Irons), tries to interfere and the Prince falls in love with a human farm girl, Brigid (Kate Winslet), things get a little crazy. In addition to its family-friendly plot and famous voice talent, Faeries is well-known for its combination of traditional cartoon and computer animation.moreless
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Action & Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Kids


Grade Schoolers, Preschoolers, Fairy Tales & Fables