Family Business

Released 1989


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Family Business is a 1989 crime drama starring Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman, and Matthew Broderick and directed by Sidney Lumet. The film follows three generations of the McMullen family. The eldest, Jessie McMullen (Connery), is a semi-retired gangster. He had a long and productive criminal career. His wife has passed away and he’s resigned to his old age, fondly remembering his glory days as an outlaw. He raised his son, Vito (Hoffman), to follow in his footsteps as a tough guy. Vito, however, developed a distaste for his father’s profession as he grew older. Now Vito is a legitimate business man with a son of his own. Adam (Broderick) is the youngest in the McMullen family, and his father raised him to stay out of trouble. Vito never let Jessie be a part of Adam’s life, hoping that without his gangster grandfather around the boy would grow up without criminal intentions. In the end Vito’s sheltering only drove Adam to respect his grandfather. Adam is a bright kid at a good college, but he can’t help but hatch a plan for a robbery when he sees an opportunity to make an easy million dollars. Now Adam wants to get all three generations of McMullen men together for one last heist that could make them all rich—or land them all in prison.moreless
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