Fathers of the Sport

Released 2003


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Movie: Fathers of the Sport


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Fathers of the Sport is a Feature Documentary which uncovers the colorful and compelling history of legendary playground basketball. Produced by Providence Films and directed by Xavier "X" Mitchell, it will chronicle the history and lives of the many "legends" and unsung heroes who dominated playground basketball courts of New York, Philly, DC, and Chicago in the early years and consequently turned it into the multi-billion dollar spectator sport it is today. With images, music, and footage from the 60's and 70's, Fathers of the Sport tells the story of an American social culture embedded with racism, war, oppression, and poverty where these asphalt warriors escaped and rose above it all with a mutual love and respect for the game that many feel has been lost on today's players. Fathers of The Sport will refer to the heartfelt devotion to the sport displayed by players of yesterday compared to today's star driven talented young players.moreless
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