Finding Rin Tin Tin

Released 2008


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Based on the true story. Corporal Lee Duncan, stationed in France during World War 1, rescues a mother and her three German Sheppard puppies. Lee gives the mother and two puppies away, but keeps his favorite puppy, which he lovingly names Rin Tin Tin. When the General warns that keeping a young, rambunctious dog is not permitted, Duncan discovers a solution is at hand; German Nikolaus Egger, Rin Tin Tin?s mother?s original owner, is being held as a POW on their base. With his help, the dog soon learns amazing skills, such as bringing first aid to soldiers on the battlefield. After the war, Rin Tin Tin returns home with Duncan and goes on to star in 14 feature films from 1920 - 1931 and was considered to be one of Hollywood?s top movie stars.moreless
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