Finish Line

Released 2008


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Gerry Lively
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Mitch Camponella (Samuel Page, American Dreams) is an ambitious man with race car dreams, but once he's drawn into the shady maneuverings of an underworld arms deal, he puts his career--and his life--on the line. He may work in a warehouse, but Mitch's dream is to move out of minor league stock car racing into the pro circuit. One afternoon, he demolishes his own car in a race-gone-bad. Determined to bank enough money to try again and prove his worth on the blacktop, an opportunity for fast cash comes from millionaire importer Frank Chase (Scott Baio, Arrested Development). The offer: a nice wage as his private mechanic and bodyguard to his flirtatious daughter, Jessie (Taylor Cole, Summerland). It sounds like a sweet deal. But high ambition can come with a heavy price for a naive young man. Chase and Jessie aren't the only ones with their eyes on Mitch. An FBI agent has a professional stake in him--because Mitch has inadvertently gotten involved in an illegal arms deal. The goods: Red Mercury, a bomb-making substance coveted by terrorists--and illegally smuggled into this country by Chase. The risk: for Mitch, now working as a mole for the FBI, it's life and death as he infiltrates the shadows of Chase's underworld scheme. The deeper he gets, the more dangerous it becomes for Mitch, his father, and the duplicitous Jessie, all caught in the crossfire. Buckle up. Finish Line is an action-packed, metal-crunching, tire-smoking ride that takes it to the limit fast, and very furious.moreless

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