Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr. "The Conservative Search for a Foreign Policy"

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Taped on November 2, 1999. Slower-moving than some, this show has a certain grandeur. Big themes are dealt with in a serious way that it is hard to imagine any other television show replicating in the near future. Zakaria: "I think the broader shift is probably not ethnic but generational...I think Americans now in their fifties, sixties, and seventies grew up in a world in which their personal lives became interconnected with the great events of history-through World War II, through the Marshall Plan, through NATO, through the Korean War. They felt a connection between what they were doing personally and these events. Americans of subsequent generations, particularly Americans of my generation [Mr. Zakaria was born in 1965]...having grown up in times of peace and prosperity, feel themselves utterly unconnected with these broader events..." Kissinger: "Your point is: Can foreign policy be internationalized to a point where sovereignty becomes less important, in a sense, than some international standard by which you can intervene in cases that occur within the territory of another state? I think it's important to remember that the doctrine of sovereignty arose at the end of the religious wars of the 17th century, in which borders had become very permeable and millions were killed in pursuit of abstract justice by one side or the other...Of course there are outrages of a kind that probably demand international intervention. But as a general proposition, I believe that the present definition of so-called humanitarian intervention is arbitrary." Summary by Firing Line staff.moreless

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