First Born

Released 2007


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Laura (Elizabeth Shue) is living the perfect life with and adoring husband. All that seems to be mission for her is a baby ... but be careful what you wish for. After finally becoming pregnant and moving to the suburbs, Laura begins to feel alone, and isolated in their beautiful, huge but secluded home. When the baby is born, she quickly finds that motherhood is more challenging that she expected and gradually begins falling into postpartum depression. Saddled with the primal maternal need to protect her infant at all costs, Laura slowly begins to question whether her child is in danger or whether she is losing her grip on sanity. From a mouse-infested basement with a mysterious diary hidden in its walls, to the strange new nanny who appears on her doorstep, FIRST BORN abound with the creepy aspects and hunting details of a first-rate psychological thriller.moreless
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