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Robert Schwentke
Flightplan is the popular 2005 mystery thriller that takes viewers on a terrifying ride through the unfriendly skies! Kyle Pratt (Jodie Foster) is a widow whose husband, David, recently passed. Kyle, an American woman who was located in Europe with David and their 6-year-old daughter, Julia, as part of her job as a plane designer then decides to return to the states. They board a transatlantic flight on a fictional aircraft called E-474, with David's coffin in the luggage compartment, and fall asleep a while after the takeoff. When Kyle wakes up three hours later, she's appalled to find out that Julia is nowhere to be seen. Furthermore, there are no apparent listings of her daughter ever boarding the plane, and her personal items have vanished as well. With the help of a rather reluctant air marshal named Carson (Peter Sarsgaard, Boys Don't Cry,Garden State) as well as the rest of the flight staff, Kyle starts to search the plane to find clues about her daughters' whereabouts.moreless

Metacritic Score

  • 50

    The New York Times Manohla Dargis

    To watch Ms. Foster storm through a phony airplane for an entire movie has its very minor pleasures - given the numerous close-ups, you can study her lovely face at your leisure - ...

  • 50

    Los Angeles Times Carina Chocano

    The movie loses some of its initial atmospheric tension as paranoid thrills give way to Rambo high jinks.

  • 50

    Variety Robert Koehler

    Largely undone by a script that self-destructs in the third act of an otherwise well-made thriller.

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    • Cpt. Rich: I am responsible for the safety of every passenger on this plane -
      (looks at Kyle)
      - even the delusional ones!

    • Cpt. Rich: There are 425 passengers on this flight, who are not receiving any attention at the moment, because every one of my flight attendants are busy looking for a child that none of them believe was ever on board! If you think we could be doing more to meet your needs, then I suggest you take it up with customer service after we land.

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    • The movie is based on the Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Lady Vanishes" (1938), in which a young woman searches for an elderly lady who disappeared on a train - and no one seems to remember her ever being on board. While almost everything was changed (the train became a plane, the young woman looking for an old lady became a mother looking for her young daughter, etc.), some scenes were taken almost directly from the original movie, for instance: Julia leaves a drawing on the window pane, which Kyle later notices, just as she is getting convinced that she really lost her mind. In the original, the old lady writes her last name - Froy - on the window, and the young woman discovers it just as she is getting ready to accept that maybe she did imagine it all.

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