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Christopher Nolan
The first film by the Oscar-nominated director of MEMENTO, THE PRESTIGE and THE DARK KNIGHT, Christopher Nolan, FOLLOWING is a tantalizing indie neo-noir. Out of boredom and frustration, a writer picks out strangers at random from the crowded streets of London and follows them. He shadows people to see where they go, how they spend their days. Reasoning to himself that he is gathering useful material for the fictional characters in his writing, he starts following the same people more than once, drawn to discovering more about their lives. He is confronted by a professional burglar named Cobb who demands to know why he is following him. Cobb then takes him along on a robbery, showing him the ropes and demonstrating his ability to make deductions about his victims from their possessions. Increasingly involved in Cobb's nefarious activities and obsessed with a woman whose home they've burgled, he becomes enmeshed in a perilous web.


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Metacritic Score

  • 80

    The Hollywood Reporter Frank Scheck

    Christopher Nolan's noirish thriller is an uncommonly polished and assured feature debut, highly clever textually and supremely accomplished technically. This ultra low-budget exer...

  • 75

    San Francisco Chronicle Mick LaSalle

    That the movie succeeds as thoroughly as it does -- getting deeper and creepier as it goes along -- is evidence of a far-seeing creative imagination. Nolan is a compelling new talent.

  • 75

    Miami Herald

    Following is a pitch-black crime story, but never forgets its gentler side. It is, at 70 minutes, a slim movie, but by the time it concludes in inevitable tragedy, Nolan's characte...

  • Fox f**ks us all

    Ok you have your big ad blitz and then you have a show that goes nowhere. A drop out from the army and couple of guys that were raised by milita and abused as children can whip the FBI's ass. The FBI can not do anything without a drunk broken hearted ex cop -- who for a drinker has some steady hands. Every law enforcement agent is paralysed because one crazy literature professor has suberted the USA. He is here, he is there, they are everywere. So beware and this show being on Fox makes me wonder if the dangers of education will make this cult the new American to lead us out of this government disaster. Yeah tea party.moreless

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