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  • Definetly one of the worst animated movies out there

    I heard that the reason the animation was so bad was because the footage kept being stolen (yeah, someone wanted to steal this apparently), and we're stuck with this putrid. Even if the animation wasn't awful, the movie would still suck. There's no plot, no funny jokes, no character development, or anything else that makes an animation good. While I think Little Panda Fighter is worse in terms of animation, this would probably be worse story wise.moreless
  • And now it's down to 2.0

    I never even saw this but do I have to to know it sucks? I don't think so. You wanna know another terrible thing about this movie? It inspired an episode of Breadwinners! Don't believe me? Well, there's an episode of Breadwinners called Food Fight Club which as far as I know was based off of this movie.
  • I'm surprised this even has 2.5

    Actually, it had 2.8 before I voted. No, I have not seen it, but I've heard so much about it being one of the worst movies ever made. I wouldn't be surprised if it's worse than Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006). Maybe even The Oogieloves! I plan on watching this at YouTube soon, but I don't know when. I want to see how atrocious this thing truly is.

    UPDATE ON JULY 13 (originally posted on June 1): Now it's down to 2.1! Thank you jm5189 and poppinsfan!moreless
  • Now it's down to 2.3

    As Disney4life mentioned, it was previously 2.5. Now it's 2.3. Thank me everybody!
  • A wonderful, clean kids film with a good story, good animation, funny humor, and a great ending. This film is none of these things.

    Wow. This is the worst film ever made. No. This is the worst film to ever spawn. Forget the Room. Forget anything by Video Brinquedo. Forget the freaking Garbage Pail Kids Movie. This film right here is the worst film of all time. First of all, this film takes product placement to the max. They even have Mr. Clean in the film who isn't even a food product! The film also has tons of wasted talents in this film such as Christopher Lloyd, Wayne Brady, Eva Longoria, Hilary and Haylie Duff, and of course, Charlie Sheen. The whole film is centered around a Wreck it Ralph or Toy Story-like plot, except even worse. The animation looks very cheap and gives CGI a bad name. Some of the characters move very blocky and weird. And the worst part is that the film's budget is 65 million dollars. I'm not kidding. This was $65 million that could have been used to find a cure for cancer or solve world hunger! And the dialogue is either god-awful or a terrible spoof of a movie quote edited for kids. For instance, near the end, Dex Dogtective says "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a spam" In another moment, he also says "You cold-farted itch!" Look, writers! If you want to spoof a classic movie quote, either do it right or don't do it at all! And the worst part is that they parody Nazis in this film. I'm not kidding. The Brand X soldiers look, act, and walk like Nazis! Doesn't help that the leader has a German accent! I'm pretty sure that a lot of Jewish kids and people were offended by this movie when they saw it! So yeah, that's Foodfight! A trip through Hell that lasts for 91 minutes. If you have any humanity, avoid this film at all costs.moreless

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