Forrest Gump

Paramount Released 1994





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Forrest Gump is the 1994 6-time Academy Award winning film starring Tom Hanks as the simple minded Gump who's incredible life story spans several historical decades, and is now available on Netflix. Forrest Gump grew up in Greenbow, Alabama, with his single Mama (Sally Field), as the dumb slow kid with leg braces from a case of polio. On his first day of school he befriends young Jenny (Robin Wright Penn) and the two become inseparable. When his braces fall off during his high school years, Gump realizes that he can run incredibly fast. Gump's running gets him through much of his life as he earns a full college scholarship for football and goes all-American, earns the medal of honor for saving his troupe from napalm blasts in Vietnam by outrunning the blasts, fame as he runs from coast to coast after his Mama dies. Forrest's incredible journey grants him several honors including meeting several presidents, meeting John Lennon, being one of the first Americans to enter China, becoming the CEO of a billion dollar business, and many more. His many adventures and accomplishments lead him to his true love Jenny. Also starring Gary Sinise and a young Haley Joel Osment.moreless
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The Underdog, Social Commentary, Pop Culture References, Childlike Sense Of Wonder, For Dreamers