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Frailty is a 2002 thriller about a family of three men who are either servants of God on a quest to rid the world of Evil, or deranged mad men obsessed with justifying their slaughters as religious acts. Bill Paxton plays Dad, who tells his two young boys he's been charged by God to kill demons. When he touches people, he's capable of seeing the crimes they've committed in the past. If they've committed murder, Dad kills them with an axe. The film takes place in present day, when the two boys are grown up, although much of the story is told through flashbacks. Matthew McConaughey plays one of the children. He goes to speak with FBI Agent Doyle (Powers Boothe), following the death of his brother. He claims the many unsolved "God's Hand" murders are his brother's fault, and now that he's dead he can tell the story of their childhood. However, the spiritual killings may not be over yet. Frailty is a tense psychological thriller and Bill Paxton's directorial debut.moreless
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