Frankenstein Unbound

Released 1990


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Frankenstein Unbound

Movie Summary

Roger Corman
Frankenstein Unbound is the 1990 cult sci-fi horror drama from low budget genre master, director Roger Corman (Little Shop of Horrors, The Masque of the Red Death, The Wild Angels), which boasts performances from many venerable luminaries of stage and screen. Toiling in the not-too-distant future, Joe Buchanan (John Hurt), a not-quite mad scientist, has invented a machine that vaporizes the enemy while leaving the environment untouched, something that will protect the U.S. from evil. The only flaw in Buchanan's invention is that it has a tendency to open up one of those time-space continuum wormholes in the form of a neon-flashing cloud through which the odd Mongol warrior, etc, has a tendency to pop. Before you know it, Buchanan finds himself sucked into the portal and spat out again in the Alps of 1816. Him and his car, actually - an intelligent, talking, gull-winged item that looks like KnightRider KITT's sexy sister. Buchanan finds a certain chap named Frankenstein (the late lamented Raul Julia). Frankenstein has just created his monster (Nick Brimble) who has adopted the annoying habit of killing locals, including Frankenstein's brother, seemingly unable to grasp the fact that, unlike him, they aren't all creations of the good doctor. A young girl has been accused of the murder, and is sentenced to hang for the crime, a fact which doesn't bother Frankenstein in the least, but which horrifies Buchanan, who attempts to enlist the aid of Mary Shelley (Bridget Fonda) to save the girl.moreless

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