Fred 2: Night Of The Living Fred

Released 2012


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John Fortenberry
Fred Figglehorn (Lucas Cruikshank), is back in an all-new movie adventure, and his life has gone from kooky to spooky. Fred's beloved music teacher, Mrs. Felson, has mysteriously disappeared, and Fred is convinced that her replacement, Mr. Devlin, has a secret life - as a vampire! And to make matters worse, Mr. Devlin is dating Fred's mom! With the help of his awesome dad (WWE superstar John Cena) and his friends Bertha (Daniella Monet from "Victorious") and Talia (Ariel Winter from "Modern Family"), Fred begins a weird and wildly comic quest to expose Mr. Devlin's true identity -before he turns Fred's cul-de-sac into a community of bloodsuckers!


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  • Fred's performance is more scary than that actual horror in this POS movie

    Yea, what could be more scary than having to endure over an hour of ear grating from a horrible actor who rather be annoying and obnoxious than actually give a crap about acting?

    This film may not be as bad as the first one, but it's awful nonetheless.
  • Night of the Living Fred is far more scary (and traumatizing) than Night of the Living Dead.

    No joke. Do you take a high-decibel screeching hellion less menacing than the torn off, walking animated corpses? If so, you're more of a man than me. I would be impressed.

    Not to mention, you get to hear the screeches in the movie ALL THE TIME! And the person who is screeching is the PROTAGONIST AND THE CAMERA IS POINTED AT HIM MOST OF THE TIMES! Still not a challenge? How about you get to see the events going on and on and having to witness the unfunny jokes and acts scattered around in this horror marathon (still with the screeching hellion)?

    TL;DR this movie sucks like hell. Having John Cena in there makes it worse. That IRL Marty Stu.

    Comments about the cover... Having John Cena in the cover makes me think that the movie is non-existent. That it's cover was made only just for the sake of laughs, and for mocking John Cena. But the movie was real, so this movie is nothing more than an indicator and a way to sort the worst people/celebrity in TV.moreless
  • wow..

    WHO STILL FUCKING WHATCHES FRED???? Lucas whatever the fuck his name is, is a ***got
  • Just like movie 1, I`m watching this

    What can I say, I really like Fred. I dont know why people criticized this as a bad film. Once again, I`m the only review that doesnt fit in like my review for the movie Catwoman (I gave it a 9 of 10). This was truly a fun thing to watch for me and I have no regret in saying it. Something that IS bad was the sequal to the 1st live action movie of the Fairly Odd Parents.moreless
  • Same formula as the show.

    One word to describe this movie, Annoying! 1/100 Horrible

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